The dragon has three heads…

That was always something that stuck with me from GRRM’s books and yet has it been mentioned at all in the series? I simply do not recall. Is it not as important as I thought it was? I assumed it meant three Riders: Dany and Jon  (as Targaryens) but who was the 3rd? The Knight King? We know now from the series that he was once a man, turned White Walker by the Childrenof the Forrest but was he also a Targaryen? Does that matter? 

I love formulating theories about GoT now that the show has overtaken the books. The show writers love foreshadowing, I’ve noticed. So my theory is Tyrion is going to die in the finale protecting his Queen from his sister. Dany has those moments (quite a few of them this season) where she openly doubts Tyrion’s loyalty to her over his family. Even when he’s literally crying for her not to take action which could get her killed. And she tells him he’s not a hero. Of course he is! And he loves her (although maybe not romantically) just as much as those other heroes Dany mentions. So my theory is for the finale: Cersei will try to kill Dany and Tyrion will prevent it at the cost of his own life. Cersei may not even die this season. But someone will and I’m afraid beloved Tyrion (who in many ways is the “Daryl Dixon” of GoT) will be the season’s big loss, more so even than a dragon. 
…Or Dani dies and Jon inherits the throne and 2 Orphan dragons. That removes the pesky nagging incest issue (because deep down, we all want to see them hook up) and it plays into potential foreshadowing through Tyrion’s growing concern about succession.

But even if Dany dies, we might expect the Red God to bring her back just as he did with Jon. But that would be too simple and what purpose does it serve if only one Targaryen is needed to rule and defeat the night King? I think we will see Melisandre return one last time to convince the Red God to spare a life. But it won’t happen.

Someone is going to die. It might not be Cersei. And the Red God will not bring them back