“Tell me you love me. If you dont, then lie to me” -Coldplay

I have some friends that I know I shouldn’t confide in because their brand of “comforting advice” is “If it looks like a duck, hes fucking someone else”. Its more harmful than helpful. Hey, you’re supposed to be talking me down from the ledge, remember?
Im not saying close your eyes to the obvious, im saying close your ears to the rumors. Until there is proof. Id like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt but Ive been burned once or 20 times (who hasn’t?) and Ive always struggled to keep my suspicious nature in check. Note to self:  Do not crucify everyone for the sins of a few.
Have you ever read The Life of Pi? I never saw the movie so Im not sure if that counts but at the end–and Im paraphrasing– the boy is telling his story to the authorities and when they admit they dont believe him, he pointed out, “Does it really matter which version you believe? The story ends the same either way.”  That is the lesson I took away from that book and the lesson I choose to apply now: it doesnt matter if the rumors are true or false because the story ends the same way: It just ends.
Human Nature is a coin toss. You choose who to believe,  who to trust.
The script on my wrists remind me:
Blessing. Lesson. People come into your life to serve as one or the other. I told G-d long ago that I didnt need any more Lessons. What I need is healing and grace.
But until that delivery arrives, I’d settle for a refill of Xanax.