Even Tailgaters Need Jesus

I saw that on a bumper sticker recently. I also saw a car that had the phrase “Iraqi Freedom Vet. Do not tailgate” printed in very large, bright white letters on the back of the vehicle. I had a similar thought when I said “OPSEC and PERSEC be damned” and slapped a “combat veteran” license plate frame on the back of my car, hoping people would read it and back off. You shouldn’t tailgate anyone, of course. Perhaps, particularly, because you don’t know if the person whose ass you are riding has a touch of PTSD. Tailgaters will piss off anyone but for OIF/OEF vets, it can trigger a special kind of paranoia, fear and aggression. I’m not saying that I’ll throw my vehicle in reverse and pit you in your car, but rest assure I am thinking—no, fantasizing—about it.


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