Gabapentin is my friend

I just watched a video at work from a jihadist website. “Should I allow the mujahideen access to my anus?” was the question in debate. In it, they were discussing the guidance concerning hiding explosives up one’s anus. Since sodomy is forbidden in the Quran, one must still seek forgiveness from Allah despite the fact that this act of stretching out one’s anus is so that a man can perform an act of martyrdom. The fact that they delivered this message with a straight faces made it all the more hilarious.

10 reasons Pinterest annoys me:

Skinny women grabbing their ass cheeks with the title “Best Weight Loss! This works!”

“Stay Calm and” Anything

Pregnancy photos

Infinity symbol tattoos

Script tattoos

Posts that say “I wish I had the guts to do this”

The obsession with Jennifer Aniston

Messy up-do how-to’s

Too many shirtless hunks (just kidding! Bring ‘em on!)

Crockpot recipes


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